Youth work and creativity

Onion Spaceship
Paperclip spaceship




I have recently presented a series of Personal development workshops for the Creative Industries Conference at the Townhouse in Hamilton in May.


Pilot your own Spaceship uses a various learning techniques to develop and convey the need for self determination, resilience and positive personal image.

The workshop is adaptable to work with a number of different age groups using the  spaceship as a metaphor for personal responsibility.


Students are asked to think of themselves as Piloting their own spaceship and the stars and planets in the Universe as  the potential opportunities in their lives.  

To develop the engagement of the students by using a hands on approach they are asked to build or draw their own "Spaceship" to describe themselves and what they would like to achieve.  2 Examples given above.


Working to develop this framework for schools I currently collaborating with the choreographer Norman Douglas to develop the "Spaceship model" into dance and confidence through movement.


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